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Descendants of Conway- Kittrick(Ketterick ) Families

Generation No. 1


MR.1 CONWAY (Mac Connmhaigh) was born in Letterkeen, Burrisholle, County Mayo, Ireland, and died in Ireland. He married MRS. CONWAY in County Mayo, Ireland. She was born in Ireland. Our great-great-grandfather, farmed a 1,000 acre farm in Letterkeen near Shramore, Burrisholle, County Mayo, Ireland. He had four sons that we know of: James (Jamsie), Michael, Patrick, and perhaps Walter. He died on his way to the fair of Balla, when Jamesie was about 16 years old. His wife later married a Mr. Kilroy. (Per Sister Maura McGuire).

Generation No. 2


The Children of Mr. & Mrs. Conway:

JAMES (JAMESIE)2 CONWAY (Seamus MacConnmhaigh) (MR.1), our great-grandfather, was born in Letterkeen, a townland located next to the townland of Shramore, in the civil parish of Burrishoole, County Mayo, Ireland. Quite a few Conways were from these two townlands., Ireland. He married BRIDGET (Brid) MCMENAMON in County Mayo, Ireland. She was born in Ireland, and died in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland Their children were: Catherine, our grandmother, Walter, James, Patrick, Mary (Moira) and another daughter. Our great-grandmother, Bridget, kept a small shop in the front of her house on Georges Street. Jamsie went to Canada with his brothers, Michael and, Patrick. He was a rebel and had to flee to Canada. Our great-grandmother, Bridget would not go and stayed in Newport with their children. The brothers settled in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, and became farmers. Vincent Ketterick, son of our Uncle Michael Ketterick, was informed by Sean Conway, a relative from Shramore, that JAMES (JAMSIE) came back to Newport and died in Ireland. I think his middle name was probably Patrick because my father said his mother told him he was named Patrick after both of his grandfathers.

MICHAEL2 CONWAY (Micheal McConnmhaigh) (MR.1) was born in Letterkeen, Burrisholle, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. MICHAEL was the brother of our great-grandfather, and was married in Ireland. His wife and daughter went with him to Canada. His, daughter, Mary, used to write to my father. I have two of her letters. One of her letters is dated January 24, 1914. She said it was 35 degrees below zero. Her address at that time was 937 Railway Street, Swift Current. She was working in an office in the town. She married a man whose first name was Bernie and they moved to New York City. I believe my father visited her there in 1939. Michael moved to Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada, and died there.

WALTER CONWAY (Ualtar McConnmhaigh), b.Letterkeen, Burrishoole, Co. Mayo, Ireland, was the brother of our great-grandfather. Perhaps Walter was the father of our grandmother's cousins, Mary and Kate Conway.

PATRICK CONWAY, b. Letterkeen, Burrishoole. Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. Abt. 1937, GreenValley California. Patrick (Padraig MacConnmhaigh) the brother of our great-grandfather, served in the Connaught Rangers during the South African Boer War. Later, he was stationed in Castlebar. He deserted from the army and fled to Canada with his brothers, James (Jamsie) and Michael. He never married. Later he moved to Green Valley, California. In California, he lived in a boarding house, run by a couple from Ireland. He wrote to my father in 1935, and asked him to come out to see him, but my father had just gotten married and did not have the money to go out to California. He died a few years later before my father had a chance to go and visit him.

My father told me about a Peter Conway who was driving a horse and wagon. The wagon for filled with guns and ammunition for the rebels. While crossing a bridge, the wagon slid off and into the water went the wagon-load of supplies.

In the 1901 Census of Ireland, there was a Anthony Conway, age 55, living with his family at 11 George's Street. Vincent Ketterick thought he could have been a cousin of our grandfather. He was a shopkeeper. There was a Patrick and Bridget, both ages 50, living at 25 Georges Street, Newport. Patrick's occupation was listed as Victualler/grocer. In Shramore, a Peter Conway, and a John Conway are listed as farmers and heads of families.

Generation No. 3

The Children of James & Bridget Conway


CATHERINE3 CONWAY(Catraoine MacConnmhaigh) (JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born abt. 1874 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died June 1961 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. She married JAMES KITTRICK/KETTERICK May 09, 1899 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, son of PATRICK KITTRICK and BRIDGET. He was born in Half Mile, Kilmeena, County Mayo, Ireland, and died in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Our grandmother grew up in the house on Georges Street. Our grandparents had six children and continued to live in the house on Georges Street. In 1950, when we visited her, her health was beginning to fail. Later, as her old house needed so many repairs, she moved to Rose Cottage, Quay Road, Newport, and her old home on Georges Street was torn down. After I was married, she sent me a letter and enclosed some shamrocks. I still have those dried shamrocks. She died in May or June of 1961.

WALTER3 CONWAY(Ualtar MacConnmhaigh) (JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born in County Mayo, Ireland, and died in Crosshaven City, County Cork, Ireland. He was the brother of our grandmother, CATHERINE CONWAY KETTERICK, moved to Crosshaven, County Cork, Ireland. He was a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. He invented an automatic level crossing. Prior to that he was Factory and Workshops Inspector in Ireland. He was in charge of the Ports. (Per Sister Maura McGuire) He had a daughter, Kathleen Mary and a son, David. My father, James Ketterick, visited Walter in 1939

(Notes Per Sister Maura McGuire)

JAMES3 CONWAY (Seamus MacConnmhaigh), (JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born in County Mayo, Ireland, and died in Limerick City, Ireland. He married BRIDGET GINLEY in County Mayo, Ireland. She was born in Bunahowna, Mulranney, County Mayo, Ireland, and died in Ireland. JAMES was the brother of our grandmother. Two children were born in County Mayo before they moved to Limerick City. Their children were: Michael, Billy, Tommy, Marion, Josephine, Eileen, Christina and Paddy. James and his family were coach builders. His son, Billy, has one PTO of the traps which was made in the 1940's. They were very musical and had a band. They often visited Dingle in the late 40's and 50's. All the children except Marion lived in Limerick as adults. (Per Sister Maura McGuire)

MARY (MOIRA)3 CONWAY(MacConnmhaigh) (JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born in Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died February 04, 1943 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. She married MR. MCMANAMON. He was born in Ireland, and died in Australia. CONWAY (Moira MacConnmhaigh), Her nickname was Moira Mack. They had five children: Mary Kate (Mae), Emily, Celia, Thomas, and the youngest daughter, Sheila(?). They moved to England. Mr. McManamon became a policeman in London, where he deserted Moira. Her brother, Patrick Conway, searched London looking for him. He found out that Mr. McManamon had married an English woman, most likely without ever telling her he was already married. They moved to Australia. There was no way of finding out where in Australia he had moved, but Moira was stranded with no money. She came back to Newport and lived in the house next to our grandparents on Georges St. She died February 4, 1943, the same year as our grandfather.

PATRICK CONWAY (Padraig MacConnmhaigh) b. Co, Mayo, Ireland. He was brother of our grandmother, Catherine Conway Ketterick. When his sister, Mary (Moira Mack) was deserted by her husband, Patrick went to London, to search for him. My father said he stayed in England.

DAUGHTER CONWAY, b. Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. Manchester, England; m. CAPTAIN MC NALLY; b. England; d. France. MRS. MC NALLY ( Mrs. Mac an Fhailghigh), our Grandmother's sister, was a nurse. She took care of the injured soldiers in World War I. She married a Captain McNally, from England. Captain McNally was in the Royal Engineers, and died in the fighting in France during World War I. She had no children. She was gassed during the war. After the war she lived in Manchester, England. She offered to bring my father over to England when he was in his teens and send him to school but my father did not want to go back to school. He admitted that he was sorry he didn't take the opportunity to go to school in England.


JAMES KITTRICK/KETTERICK (Seamus Mac Shitric),. Our grandfather was born circa 1872, the son of Patrick and Bridget Kittrick, and grew up on his father's farm in the the Townland of Half Mile, in the Civil Parish of Kilmeena, County Mayo, Ireland. The farm was located on the road between Westport and Newport, about four miles outside of Newport. He married Catherine Conway, of Georges Street, Newport, County Mayo, Ireland on May 9, 1899. They had six children: Mary Bridget (Molly), Patrick James (James), Catherine (Kathleen), Michael Walter (Mikey), John Joseph, and Celena. He and his two brothers moved into Newport. After he married, the priest sent the marriage certificate to Dublin to be registered. The clerk copied the name Kittrick as Ketterick. Our grandfather was told that Ketterick was now his legal name and if he wanted the name changed back to Kittrick, he would have to hire a lawyer to do that for him. Since he had no money for a lawyer he left the name as Ketterick. He continued to use the name Kittrick, but he was told for any legal documents he would have to use Ketterick. My father told me that his fraternal grandfather told him that his grandfather had told him that at one time many generations ago their ancestors had come to Ireland from Scotland. Our grandfather served an apprenticeship to become a baker. Eventually he opened his own bakery. The first bakery was located behind the home on Georges Street. The old house and bakery were later torn down and government offices were built at that location. I saw the second bakery in 1950 when new baking shelves were installed and was very impressed. Our uncle, John, ran the bakery at that time. He had a van and a helper who delivered the freshly baked even to some nearby islands. Our cousin, Vincent Ketterick, tells me the bakery has been torn down, and now there is a gas station at that location. Our grandfather was also the postmaster for the town of Newport. Once a year, our grandfather would travel to Wishaw, Lanark. Scotland (near Glasgow) to work in the steel-mills there. I have a letter from our grandmother to my father, after our grandfather died. He died on a Monday night, at 9:00 p.m., September 6, 1943 of heart failure. This letter said that Uncle Mikie was in England driving a truck, and Uncle John Joe had two children and was expecting a third child. In the 1901 Census of Ireland, James Kettrick, age 28, his wife, Kate, age 20, and their daughter, Mary, age 1, are shown living at 23 Georges Street, Newport. James's occupation is listed as baker.

Our grandmother had two cousins in Chicago, Mary and Kate Conway. They sent a passage ticket back to Newport. They expected that Emily McManamon would use the ticket to come out to them in Chicago. Emily decided she did not want to go. She decided to go to England instead. At that time, my father, James, had come home to Newport after the Connaught Rangers were disbanded. Our grandmother was afraid some of the town bullies would beat up my father for being in the English Army. England had just given Ireland its freedom and feeling against England was very strong. So she persuaded my father that it would be best if he used the ticket to go to Chicago. Kate and Mary never married. They looked quite a bit like our grandmother. I remember going with my father to visit them. They later bought a large apartment building, a very nice looking building at 936 Belle Plaine Avenue, Chicago. This area is now being 'gentrified' and the apartments are being sold as condos. The sisters did very well for themselves here . They had a niece who lived with them, Nora Conway.

My father told me when he was young the most thriving business in town was the Lumber Mill, Carey Ltd. Old Martin Carey left the mill to his son-in-law. Workers at the mill continually robbed the mill and it finally went out of business. My father thought it was shocking that these people could put the mill out of business. He remembered that Mr. Callaghan, a carpenter who lived two houses down from their family, worked there. My father told me about a man in town considered to be a rag picker. When World War I started, he would pay the young boys to bring him all the old clothes and rags they could find. He sold them, especially the silk rags, to the British, who used them to make parachutes. He made a lot of money and was the first person in Newport to own a car. With the advent of motor cars, the railway to Newport was closed down, and businesses in Newport were badly affected.

JANIE MCGRAIL was not a relative, she was a neighbor of our grandmother, who often came to visit. She was very nice, very cheerful. Jean McGreal, Mary A. McGreal : I don't know if they were relatives. Mary was the godmother of Uncle Mikie, and Jean was Celena's godmother.

Generation No. 4


The Information on the wedding date of our grandparents, and the birth dates and sponsors of their children is from Mrs. Sara Fitzgerald, Chapel St., Newport, who is the Secretary at the Catholic Church.


MARY BRIDGET4 KETTERICK, b. March 13, 1900, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d.July 10, 1937, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

JAMES PATRICK KETTERICK, b. February 13, 1902, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d.May 17, 1991, Palos Heights, Il.

CATHERINE KETTERICK, b. March 24, 1904, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. December 15, 1973, Dingle,Co. Kerry, Ireland.

MICHAEL WALTER KETTERICK, b. September 10, 1907, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. 1983, Co. Cork, Ireland.

JOHN JOSEPH KETTERICK, b. May 06, 1913, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. June 25, 1954, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

CELENA KETTERICK, b. November 18, 1916, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. October 19, 1980, Liverpool, England; m. HAROLD HORNBY, Liverpool, England; d. Liverpool, England.

MARY BRIDGET4 KETTERICK (CATHERINE3 CONWAY, JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) , She married PETER KILROY 1919 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He was born March 06, 1887 in Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died February 03, 1973 in Bleachyard, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. MARY BRIDGET (Maire Brid MacShitric), was the oldest daughter of James and Catherine Ketterick.. Her baptismal sponsors were James Conway and Brigid Conway. She and her sister, Kathleen, went to Westport and worked in a shop there. She met Peter Kilroy in Westport. She married Peter who was from Bleachyard, Burrisholle, Co. Mayo. They had six children and lived on a farm in Bleachyard. While expecting twins. Aunt Molly developed toxemia and she and her twins died on July 10, 1937. How sad there was no adequate treatment at that time for toxemia. In 1950, my mother, my brother, Jimmy, and myself were driving into Newport on the road that overlooks the town. In the distance, we saw a funeral procession. We were very shocked to find out the procession for Aunt Molly's son, Jim Kilroy. He was engaged and one Saturday he was in town to visit his fiancee. He had to cross a bridge to get home. It was a stormy night, and the wind apparently swept him off the bridge. His body was not found right away, because it was washed into a gully in the river. Aunt Molly's husband, Peter would come over to our Grandmother's house and visit with us.. As I remember Peter, he was very good-natured and a great talker with a natural interest in politics. Peter loved to tease me and my brother, Jimmy, about the politics of the 'Yanks'. Of course I felt that I had to defend the U.S., although at 13, I did not know too much of what was actually going in American politics. Everyone but me knew he was just leading me on and greatly enjoyed it. Peter died February 3, 1973 at Bleachyard, at the age of 86.


JOHN MARTIN5 KILROY, b. October 29, 1922, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. 1958, Burrisholle, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. NORA; b. Ireland They had five children.

MARY KILROY, b. February 14, 1924, County Mayo, Ireland; d. December 15, 1982, England; m. MICHAEL BERRY, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; b. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. They had two children.

JAMES KILROY, b. May 10, 1927, County Mayo, Ireland; d. July 17, 1950, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

CELENA KILROY, b. July 27, 1929,Burrisholle, County Mayo, Ireland; d. 1933, Burrisholle, County Mayo, Ireland.

PETER PASCAL KILROY, b. June 10, 1932, County Mayo, Ireland; m. RITA; b. Dublin, Ireland; d. July 1999, England. They had three children. Peter lives in England.

KATHLEEN KILROY, b. July 22, 1934, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. ALLEN THOMAS, July 21, 1956, England; b. May 29, 1933. They had two children. Kathleen lives in England.

JAMES PATRICK4 KETTERICK Seamus Padraig McShitric) (CATHERINE3 CONWAY, JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born February 13, 1902 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died May 17, 1991 in Palos Heights, Il. He married MARY O'SULLIVAN November 29, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois, daughter of DANIEL O'SULLIVAN and HANORA O'SHEA. She was born February 26, 1899 in Crinna, Castleisland, Co. Kerry, Ireland, and died January 12, 1986 in Worth, Il. "My father‘s name on his birth certificate is Patrick James Kittrick. In my research I have noticed in the 1800’s the name Kittrick was used, but in the early 1900’s the records for Kittrick was changed to Ketterick. My father was baptized at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church which later burned down. My father told me that when he was young, he and his sisters, Mary and Kathleen were sent out to get the peat from the bog for the bakery and house. He attended the National School of Ireland. When he was 15 ˝ he went to England and worked in a shipyard. Later he joined the Connaught Rangers. He fought in Upper Silicia, Poland, although the Armistice had been signed, unofficially the fighting went on. After all the Irish Brigades were disbanded, my father came back to Newport. Next he travelled to Chicago where he met my mother, Mary Sullivan of Crinna, Castleisland, Co. Kerry.



KATHLEEN THERESE5 KETTERICK, b. September 14, 1936, Chicago, Illinois; m. ANTHONY JOHN MORRONE, June 15, 1957, Chicago, Illinois; b. June 24, 1932, Chicago, Illinois. They have two children.

JAMES JOSEPH KETTERICK, b. September 15, 1938, Chicago, Illinois; d. January 13, 1998, Elkhart, Wisconsin; m. SANDRA MARIE COMER, October 08, 1960, Sauk Village, Illinois; b. July 22, 1943, Sedalia, Missouri. They had three children.

ELIZABETH MARY KETTERICK, b. January 22, 1947, Co. Kerry, Ireland; Adopted in 1950; d. August 27, 1998, Chicago , Illinois; m. FRANK LEE TRAVIS, June 10, 1967, Chicago Ridge, Il; b. September 12, 1946, Blue Island, Illinois. They had three children.

CATHERINE4 KETTERICK Catraoine MacShitric) (CATHERINE3 CONWAY, JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born March 24, 1904 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died December 15, 1973 in Dingle,Co. Kerry, Ireland. She married OWEN MCGUIRE in Ireland. He was born August 25, 1900 in Aughindiagh, Glassdrummond, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland, and died February 05, 1976 in Ireland. Her baptismal sponsors were John Kelly and Brigid Kelly. She decided to join the postal service. She worked in Tullamore, County Offaly and in Ballina, County Mayo, where she met her husband, Owen McGuire, Owen worked in Archer's Hardware Shop in Ballina. He had served his time in the hardware business in Belturbet, County Cavan. Owen was born in Aughindiagh, Glassdrummond, County Enniskillen on August 25, 1900. In 1938 , the McGuires moved to Fermanagh House, Dykegate Street, Dingle, County Kerry. Here Owen worked as Manager in Latchford's Hardware Store.



MAURA5 MCGUIRE, b. April 21, 1932, Ireland., a Presitation nun in Ireland.

EVELYN MCGUIRE, b. May 25, 1936, Ireland, a Presentation nun in Ireland.

FELIM MCGUIRE, b. 1941, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland; d. September 1944, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

MICHAEL WALTER4 KETTERICK (Michael Ualtar Mac Shitric) (CATHERINE3 CONWAY, JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born September 10, 1907 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died 1983 in Co. Cork, Ireland. He married BRIGID in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. She was born in Newport, County Mayo, Ireland, and died October 14, 1971 in Cleveland, Ohio. His baptismal sponsors were Michael Chambers and Mary A. McGreal. He worked in England during World War II and drove a a truck. In late 1948, he came to Chicago and worked as a baker. Later, he brought his family over to the U. S. His wife, Brigid, had relatives in Cleveland, so they settled in Cleveland. After his wife died, and his children were all married, he went back to Ireland and bought a home at Drishane Road, Mill Street, County Cork, Ireland. He died in 1983.


MARIE5 KETTERICK, b. Newport, Co. Mayo Ireland; m. RICHARD STAUTS, United States;.Marie lives in New Jersey. She has three children.

MICHAEL KETTERICK, b. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. BARBARA. Michael lives in Olmstead Falls, Ohio. They have two sons.

ANTHONY VINCENT KETTERICK, b. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. PEGGY. Vincent lives in Cleveland, Ohio. They have two children. Vincent gave me the web site for the Newport Historical Society. He comes back to visit every few years.

ROSALEEN KETTERICK, b. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. OLIVER KEOUGH.Rosaleen lives in Cleveland, Ohio. They have three children.two children.

JOHN JOSEPH4 KETTERICK (Sean Seosamh MacShitric) (CATHERINE3 CONWAY, JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) was born May 06, 1913 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, and died June 25, 1954 in Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He married MARGARET O'DONALD 1937 in Newport, Co. Mayo. Ireland. She was born 1910 in Skirdagh, County Mayo, Ireland, and died 1988 in England. JOHN‘s baptismal sponsors were Patrick J. and Mary B. Ketterick. He stayed in Newport and ran the bakery. He also ran a taxi service. He married Margaret McDonald and had 4 children. When we went to Newport in 1950, Uncle John Joe was very good to us. He drove us around to see the sights and was always in a great mood. He died a few years later, on June 25, 1954 of a heart attack. He was only 41.



JAMES FRANCIS5 KETTERICK, b. January 29, 1940, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland m. Mary Gerrity January 29, 1966 in Chicago.b. March 12, 1943, Cortoom, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. They had three children.

MARY THERESE KETTERICK, b. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.m. Mr. Hutt in England. They had two children.


MARGARET KETTERICK, b. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. England.

JOHN KETTERICK, b. 1948, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; d. 1998, England.

Children of MARY ( CONWAY and MR. MCMANAMON are:

MARY KATE4 (MAE) MCMANAMON (MARY (MOIRA)3 CONWAY, JAMES (JAMESIE)2, MR.1) died in Chicago, Illinois.1976 She married JAMES BARNES in Chicago, Illinois. He was born in Ireland, and died in Chicago, Illinois.. He worked on the Chicago Elevated/Subway Line. We knew them well. Mae had two children, James and Irene. Irene married Byron Rodgers, had children, lives on the north side of Chicago. James married when he was probably in his late 30's. Irene would sometimes stay overnight with us. A few times I stayed overnight at their home. I remember once when I was there, Irene and I went to see a move, 'The Jolson Story. They lived in Chicago, II. Later, after her husband died Mae lived with her daughter, Irene, in Chicago, IL.


EMILY MCMANAMON,(Eimile)d. Co. Galway, Ireland. Our grandmother had two cousins in Chicago, Mary and Kate Conway. They sent a passage ticket back to Newport. They expected that Emily McManamon would use the ticket to come out to them in Chicago. Emily decided she did not want to go. She went to England instead. Emily married and had two sons. She and her husband owned a tavern and a store in Galway.


THOMAS MCMANAMON, d. Chicago, Illinois. who moved to Chicago, Illinois and died there.


CELIA (Cecily) MCMANAMON, d. 1985, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland; m. THOMAS O'DONNELL; b. Ireland; d. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. They stayed in Newport. She had no children. When we visited Newport in 1950, she took us to see Pins Lodge, an English Manor where she was the caretaker. It was very impressive. Celia visited Chicago in 1985 and came to see my mother and father.

DAUGHTER (Sheila?) MCMANAMON, d. Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Moira's youngest daughter was killed by a drunken man driving a horse and cart down

Georges Street. She was playing in front of the house, and could not get out of the street in

time. She was run over by the horse and cart, and the man drove off without ever stopping.

The family took her in and put her in bed, where after terrible pain, she died about three days

afterwards. She was only six years old.

Notes of Kathleen Ketterick Morrone, from stories my father, James Ketterick, , told me me and information from my cousins, Sister Maura McGuire, Sister Evelyn McGuire, Vincent Ketterick, Kathleen Kilroy Thomas, her son, Roy Thomas, and Peter Kilroy,